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About Us

David Kyle School 1920-1979

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We are the best School in Sault Ste Marie

Our Mission
We are inviting all former students to come back to get reaquainted and have fun.

Come and enjoy the area and have fun. The city has changed and the school is gone but in the yard still has the great memories.


 Our History


Of those servants of the Corporation who have attained positions of responsibility and who have passed to the Great Beyond it will perhaps be recognized that an outstanding personality was that of David Kyle.

Mr. Kyle came to the Sault in 1909 in charge of the creation of the gas engine plant in connection with the No. 3 Blast Furnace and during that period his ability was recognized by all who came in contact with him. On the completion of his work for the contractors he was engaged by the Management and was made Mechanical Superintendent in 1912 and subsequently was appointed Assistant General Superintendent.

Mr. Kyle left in the early days of World War I to join the overseas forces and served in France with distinction, attaining the rank of Captain and receiving the decoration of the Military Cross. In 1917 at the urgent request of the Management, Captain Kyle was released from Military service and came back in June of that year as Assistant to the President. On January 1st. 1918, he was made General Manager and Vice President. Apart from his abilities as an engineer, it is not too much to say that he effected a revolution in the spirit of the plant forces in those difficult days between 1918 and 1920.

During the fall and early winter of 1919-20 he was working at very high pressure in connection with a proposed new structural mill. But even his splendid physique had become temporarily less resistant under the exceptional strain, for a chill which became evident on January 31st, 1920, developed in spite of every care into pneumonia which in the course of a very few days, terminated fatally.

So deep and so lasting was the impression he made on those who were working under him at the plant that spontaneously a movement developed among the employees for the erection of a permanent memorial to him on the site of his labours. The memorial is in the form of a steel ingot and the plaque attached thereto carries the following inscription:





1910 – 1920




A.D 1929

The memorial stands today, and those who pass into the steel plant by its main entrance are daily reminded of the great soul who worked among them.

A second memorial to Captain Kyle is the David Kyle Public School on Douglas Street. The existence of this school assures that his name shall come to the attention of several hundred school children each day for years to come, as well as being kept in the minds of all the citizens of Sault Ste. Marie.

Our school has been taking our students on exciting adventures for several years. We understand the history of the area and we want to share it with our guests.